“Let’s enjoy cross stitching with retro video games!” is the essence of “Game & Stitch!”, an official cross stitch book released in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Games, available in Japan from the end of May. In this new book, the popular cross stitch designer Makoto Oozu transforms into cross stitch patterns the classic 80s video game titles “Pac-Man”, “Mappy”, “Xevious”, “The Adventure of Valkyrie”, “Dig Dug”, “The Tower of Druaga” and “Galaga”.
It includes small and big projects to cross stitch retro icons on everyday objects; from cushions to handkerchiefs. “Game & Stitch!” also features an exclusive interview with the dot designer Hiroshi Ono, A.K.A. “Mr. Dotman”, famous for being the designer of “Pac-Man”.

As a child, Makoto Oozu wanted to become a game designer. The publication of this book as an official BANDAI NAMCO Games book has a really special meaning for him, being, somehow, the materialization of his childhood dream.

“Cross stitch” is one of the easiest embroidery techniques that exist. It’s based on making “X” (crosses) to complete an image. If we take every “X” for a pixel, cross stitch turns into a great & easy technique to make “embroidered retro game dot images” on any surface. That’s what this book is about. The author would like, with “Game & Stitch!”, that more and more people (including men) get into the cross stitch world.

About the author: After graduating from university and several jobs, Makoto becomes an independent cross stitch designer in 2008. His pop and fresh designs have made him very popular in the cross stitch world, but also in artistic and cultural fields. Under his own brand “The Mint House” Makoto designs and produces accessories and sundries, being the Knit-SHOCK!! (a needlepoint watch) one of his most representative creations. He has released 6 books, one of which has been translated into English and published in the US.


“The Mint House” products are available at the Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/THEMINTHOUSE