About Makoto Oozu

Cross Stitch & Pixel designer


After graduating from university and working in a handicraft goods shop, Oozu decides to become an independent cross stitch designer.

This “Rookie” has revolutionized the cross stitch world with his pop and fresh designs,

making cross stitch more accessible to young adults, and men.


The reputation of his unique work has gone far beyond the “cross stitch world” borders, causing sensation in artistic and cultural fields. He has since begun being featured in TV programs, releasing books and making cross-stitch Workshops all across the country.

His most recent publications include “GAME & STITCH!”, published in Japan by Gakken Education Publishing.


You can find Makoto Oozu’s books in the link below:


Available Brands

  • oozumakoto
  • tokyopixel
  • theporcelains

About “Oozu Inc.”


Oozu Inc. is responsible for product planning, design, sales and license management of the brands “OOZU MAKOTO”, “THE MINT HOUSE” and “The Porcelains”.

Founder and CEO: Makoto Oozu

Number of employees: 5

Contact us:

Oozu Inc.

2-1-16-2F Komagata, Taito-Ku,

111-0043 Tokyo, Japan

Tel:  (+81)-3-6802-8219

Fax: (+81)-3-6802-8209




Represented by Agency See Saw

For illustration commission, design licensing enquiries, please contact: hello@see-saw.de




Makoto Oozu, cross stitch and pixel designer, is the author of a large variety of products.

In addition to the cross stitch designs, Oozu has also made “collaboration” designs for toys, official products of World-famous characters and artist merchandise under the brand “OOZU MAKOTO”.

Until today, “OOZU MAKOTO” has established license agreements with the following companies: BLOOMING NAKANISHI & COMPANY, SAIKAI TOKI Co., Ltd, KAWADA Co., Ltd. and RAKAM Co., Ltd.



Under his original brand “The Mint House”, Oozu designs apparel accessories and sundries, ingeniously using the cross stitch art to create funky, pop style products.

“The Mint House” products can be found online, in famous Japanese select shops and in Museum Shops.



White Pie http://whitepie.com.au/


About “The Porcelains”

“The Porcelains” is an original tableware brand created in 2011 by the cross stitch designer Makoto Oozu and the ceramic designer Kuntaro Abe.

Under the motto “The Porcelains make a new porcelain!” The Porcelains create funky and cute daily use tableware products.

All the products are made in Hasami (Nagasaki prefecture) and distributed by SAIKAI TOKI Co., Ltd.